Drug Discovery & Development

Precera’s experienced team and proprietary technology bring adherence- and comprehensive medication-monitoring to pharmaceutical companies for Phased clinical trials (Ph I – Ph IV).

Guiding a Successful Drug Discovery & Development Continuum

The power of Precera products and subsequent generation of comprehensive medication, disease and de-identified real-world patient data across multiple co-morbidities enables biotech and pharmaceutical companies to:

  • Monitor medication adherence in clinical trials.
  • Understand prescribing practices and combination medication use in specific populations.
  • Identify disease-specific co-prescription trends and adherence issues to better position second-line therapies in development.
  • Access real-world drug interactions and associated exposure changes for risk management of new drugs in development.
  • Discover novel drug-disease relationships by combined genetic and medication exposure results.
  • Define the impact of biologicals on small molecule medication therapy to better position a biopharmaceutical company’s large molecule development program.

A Real-World Data Base

Precera’s proprietary data base will allow biopharmaceutical companies to access well-curated clinical data to understand the patient population they seek to treat.